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Dental Implants - Placement

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots, made from titanium, which are inserted into the jawbone and capped with a crown or bridge to fill a gap in a smile resulting from missing teeth.

Finding the right place.

A dental implant requires a two-step process:

STEP 1: Implant Placement – this is where the implant is placed into the jawbone.

STEP 2: Implant Restoration – this is where we ensure the tissue surrounding the tooth is healed.

How are implants placed?

During this step one, the titanium "root" is placed in your jawbone by our skilled team, during a short surgical procedure. During this procedure, we will administer a local anaesthetic to the area where placement is planned.

You should not experience any pain during this surgery. The titanium "root" is implanted into the jawbone using a very exact surgical technique. When the implant is in place, we will close your gum tissue over the implant root. At this point, your surgery is complete

What is the next step after the implant has been placed?

After the implant has been placed, your will need time to heal. As your soft tissue heals, the implant "root" will bond with the bone in your jaw.

It can take up to several months for the soft tissue to fully heal. Your rate of healing depends on many different factors. Your soft tissue will need to be completely healed before we can proceed with implant restoration.

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