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Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays store the image of the X-ray in digital format that is accessible during your dental appointment with a single click.

Digital X-rays, Hall Dental, Lethbridge, Alberta

The technology of digital X-rays gives us a picture of your mouth and enables us to enlarge areas if needed. 

Are digital X-rays safe?

Yes. Digital X-rays produce a lower level of radiation than traditional X-rays (using X-ray film). The team at our office will always take every precaution to ensure you are exposed to the least amount of radiation possible, including use of a lead apron and taking X-rays only as necessary.

Why are dental X-rays necessary?

As dental professionals, we rely on x-rays to view things in your mouth that we cannot see during a visual examination. X-rays give us the ability to detect problems such as tooth decay, damage to the bones which support the teeth, and dental injuries, like broken tooth roots, problems below the gum line, cysts, abscesses, tumors, impacted teeth.

How often do I need a digital X-ray?

We'll let you know during your appointment if we're going to need to take a digital X-ray. The best part? We can use the results of your x-rays to determine the course of treatment.

Put our dental technology to work for you!

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