Meet Dr. Barry Wollach

Dr. Barry Wollach is our in-house anaesthesiologist at Hall Dental. If you're feeling nervous about visiting the dentist, Dr. Wollach can help.

Dr. Barry Wollach, Anaesthesiologist

Dr. Barry has been with Hall Dental since we first opened our doors 23 years ago. He's made Hall Dental his home away from home.

Dr. Barry is an Anaesthesiologist, providing anaesthetic services to patients who are nervous or anxious about undergoing dental treatment, or who have special needs that would otherwise make receiving necessary dental care difficult.

Dr. Barry didn't always live in Lethbridge. In fact, he traveled really far to get there! He was born and went to medical school in Cape Town, South Africa and emigrated to Saskatchewan in 1985 where he practiced for 3 years as a family physician. He then spent 4 years in London, Ontario specializing in Anaesthesia, after which time he moved to Lethbridge Alberta.

Here in Alberta, Dr. Barry teamed up with Dr. Hall at Hall Dental, where he became the medical director of the surgical suite. While working part time with Dr. Hall, Dr. Barry also works at Foothills Medical Centre Alberta Children's Hospital. Most recently, he's taken a position at the newly opened South Health Campus in Calgary.

Dr. Barry has two grown sons, is an avid golfer and has a passing interest in amateur magic. If you want to see a trick… just ask !

Dr. Barry Wollach, Lethbridge Anaesthesiologist

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