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Your Child’s First Visit

Trust Hall Dental for your childrens dentistry servicesFrom making their first visit fun and exciting to caring for babies, kicking the thumb-sucking habit, sports guards, sealants, space maintainers – Hall Dental can help with your children's unique dental needs.

4 Things To Tell Your Child Before Their First Visit

Too much information can overwhelm children, and not enough can make them feel anxious. Here's what we recommend you tell your child before their first dental visit:

  • They'll count your teeth
  • They'll brush your teeth
  • The dentist is going to take a look
  • We only visit a few times a year

Tips for the Anxious Parent

Children have special radar for picking up on your emotions. If you're nervous about the visit, then the less you say the better.

Have fun going through the dental appointment with your child. Their reaction to the first visit may pleasantly surprise you.

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