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Dental Implants

From bone grafting and placement to restorations, single implants and secure denture implant, your Hall Dental team can recommend the service that’s as individual as you are.

  • Bone Grafting

    A bone graft is a dental surgical procedure. During a bone graft surgery, bone is placed into the jawbone to augment the depth or width of existing bone, or to add additional support.
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  • Dental Implants - Placement

    Dental implants are artificial tooth roots, made from titanium, which are inserted into the jawbone and capped with a crown or bridge to fill a gap in a smile resulting from missing teeth.
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  • Dental Implants - Restoration

    Implant restoration is the process of creating an artificial tooth and connecting it to the implant. The crown or bridge, which will be visible in your smile, can only be attached when the soft tissue around the implant has completely healed.
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  • Single Implants

    A dental implant is an artificial tooth made from titanium, which is inserted into the jawbone and capped with a crown or bridge resulting in a complete, aesthetically pleasing smile.
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  • Implants for Secure Dentures

    Dentures secured by dental implants are completely stable and secure, allowing patients to feel confident in their teeth and relaxed about eating all the foods they enjoy.
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