Dental Sealants for Cavity Prevention

Dental Sealants for Cavity Prevention

Dental sealants are used to prevent cavities on children's permanent molars by coating the teeth with clear or tooth coloured material to 'seal' the surface. Are sealants right for your children when it comes to preventing cavities?

How are dental sealants applied?

During a regular visit to our office, the dentist will 'paint' the sealant onto the chewing surface of your child's permanent molars. The sealant is bonded into place to seal all the grooves in the teeth where bacteria could otherwise collect, resulting in decay. No anesthesia is required for this procedure.

How long does dental sealant last?

Dental sealants will usually last on the teeth for a number of years if properly taken care of. If the sealant does wear off, it can be re-applied.

Does my child need dental sealant?

During your child's regular check-up, the dentist or hygienist will assess your child's dental health and advise you as to whether a dental sealant would help prevent decay on her permanent molars.

Will my child need fluoride if she has dental sealants?

Children who have dental sealants on their permanent molars still need fluoride. Dental sealants provide excellent protection from cavities for the teeth on which they are placed. However, the other teeth that are not protected by dental sealants require fluoride for optimal protection from cavities.

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