Emergency Dental Services in Lethbridge

If you are experiencing a dental emergency in Lethbridge, we offer emergency dental services and always here to help.

In the Case of a Dental Emergency

Contact us at (403) 380-3881  right away and we’ll do our very best to get back to you as soon as possible.

In some cases, we may be able to see you the same day to address your dental emergency.

Dental Emergency FAQs

Here are some answers to commonly treated dental emergencies;

What do I do if I have bitten my lip, tongue or cheek?

Apply a cold compress or ice firmly but gently to the bruised area(s). Stop the bleeding by applying pressure gently to the wound with a clean gauze or cloth. If the bleeding cannot be controlled within 15 minutes go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

What do I do if I have a broken or cracked tooth?

Rinse out your mouth with warm water and place a cold compress over the injured area. Immediately contact us to make an appointment. If there are any savable tooth fragments, place them in a plastic baggie and bring the pieces with you.

What to do if I have an object caught between my teeth?

Thoroughly clean the area around the sore tooth, and rinse your mouth with warm salt water. If there is something lodged in between your teeth, use dental floss to try and remove item. Avoid placing aspirin on the tooth or gums. Apply a cold compress if swelling persists, and take Tylenol (acetaminophen). If the ache persists contact us as soon as possible to make an appointment.

What do I do if I have knocked out a permanent tooth?

If you’re able to find the tooth – rinse it thoroughly but DO NOT USE ANYTHING OTHER THAN WATER TO RINSE. Make sure to handle the tooth by the crown and not the root. If you are able to reinsert the tooth, keep it in place by biting down on a clean cloth or gauze after you have placed it back into its’ original socket. If you are not able to reinsert the tooth, place the tooth in a cup containing milk or water, and come to our clinic immediately. When saving a tooth, time is of the essence!

What do I do if I have lost a crown or filling?

If the crown is one piece, rinse it with water and try to reinsert it. Hold it in place by gently biting down on clean gauze or cloth. If the crown is broken, try to gather all of the pieces and bring them straight to our office.

What do I do if I suspect a broken or fractured jaw?

Use a towel, tie or handkerchief to keep the jaws from moving, and immediately go to the nearest hospital emergency room

What do I do in the case of bleeding after a baby tooth falls out?

Rinse the mouth out with warm water. Gently but firmly place clean gauze over the area that is bleeding. If the bleeding persists for more than 15 minutes call us.

What do I do if I suspect a soft tissue injury?

Soft tissue injuries usually do not bleed a lot, but when they do, the injury can seem worse than it really is. When the blood mixes with saliva, it may look like you are bleeding a lot. In most cases, the bleeding should stop within a few minutes. In the meantime, here's what you should do:

  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly with a mild saltwater solution (1/2 teaspoon of salt in 8 ounces of water).
  • If the bleeding continues, press a damp piece of gauze against the injured area for 10 to 15 minutes. If you don't have gauze, you can use a sanitary napkin, tampon or a clean piece of material that will soak up blood and saliva.
  • To relieve pain, slow the bleeding, and reduce swelling, hold ice to the area for five or 10 minutes.
  • If the bleeding doesn't stop within a few minutes, the injury may be serious and you will need to see a doctor, preferably an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, right away. Maintain pressure on the area until you can be treated.

What do I do if I have experienced dental trauma?

Dental Trauma basically refers to damage caused to your teeth from a sudden impact often due to sports-related injuries. At Hall Dental, we recommend you see us for any dental injury – even one that appears to be mild.

We’ll always do our very best to do everything we can to save your teeth. This may include re-insertion, a temporary brace to hold teeth in place, wires, and / or a soft foods diet.

When restoration is not possible, we’ll recommend the best alternative for replacing your missing teeth.

How can a sports guard protect my smile?

Sure, accidents happen. Which is why at Hall Dental, we encourage patients to wear sports guards especially when playing sports. While you can buy them at most sports stores, we recommend having a custom-fitted appliance to ensure the best possible protection and the most comfortable fit.

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