Oral Surgery in Lethbridge

Our team of dentists at Hall Dental in Lethbridge offer our patients comprehensive oral surgery services. From extractions and wisdom teeth, biopsy and cyst removal to early intervention advice – you’re in caring, compassionate and expert hands.

Oral Surgery, Wisdom Teeth Removal, Lethbridge


A biopsy is a simple surgery to remove a sample of soft tissue or bone so that it can be examined in a laboratory. » Learn More

Cyst Removal

A cyst is a sac or pouch that forms under the skin or in bone that can be empty or contain fluid. » Learn More

General Extractions

At Hall Dental, we only recommended tooth extractions in cases where less invasive procedures would be ineffective. » Learn More

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth are the last  to erupt, and there is often not enough room for them in the mouth, meaning they must be removed.  » Learn More

Impacted Teeth: Exposure & Re-Positioning

We offer services to expose impacted teeth and re-position them to aid in orthodontic treatment. » Learn More

At Hall Dental, we offer sedation services to ensure your comfort while you are undergoing oral surgery. Request and appointment today. Request Appointment

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