General Dental Services in Lethbridge

Trust the dentists and team at Hall Dental with your oral healthcare! We offer our Lethbridge patients general dental services including exams, checkups and cavity fillings.

Preventive Hygiene

A thorough and consistent at-home brushing and flossing routine and regular professional cleanings at our office are key factors in maintaining oral health. » Learn More

Dental Fillings

At Hall Dental, we use white composite fillings to repair decay and damage to teeth.  » Learn More

Root Canals

If the inner pulp of a tooth becomes infected, a root canal procedure is necessary to repair the damage and save the tooth. » Learn More

General Dentistry Services, Lethbridge

Tooth Sensitivity Treatment

If your teeth are sensitive to hot and cold temperatures, we can help with a range of sensitivity treatment options. » Learn More

Fresh Breath Maintenance

Bad breath can be caused by a variety of factors. We'll pinpoint the cause of yours, and provide treatment and guidance to help you maintain fresh breath. » Learn More

Do you feel anxious when visiting the dentist? We offer sedation services that can help keep you at ease. Contact us and book an appointment today. Request Appointment

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