Sports Mouth Guards

Sports Mouth Guards

The dentists at Hall Dental in Lethbridge create custom sports mouth guard to protect children's smiles while they play sports.

The Goal is Protection

A sports guard, or mouth guard, is designed to protect your child's teeth from damage while they are playing sports. While you can buy a generic mouth guard at many sports stores, one that is custom-made will provide the best protection.

Why should my child wear a mouth guard?

The obvious benefit is protection. A custom-fitted mouth guard will protect their teeth, mouth, neck, and jaw. Sports guards can even provide some protection for their head and help to prevent concussions. At Hall Dental, we believe that sports guards are an essential piece of a child's equipment like a hockey helmet or shin guards.

How are custom mouth guards made?

To custom-fit your child for a mouth guard, we'll need to schedule two appointments.

First Appointment – During the first appointment, we'll take an impression of your child's smile. The impression will be sent to our lab where the sports guard will be created. When the sports guard has been created, your child will have a second appointment.

Second Appointment – During the second appointment, our team will check the sports guard to ensure it fits snugly in your child's mouth and that it is comfortable to wear.

Remember, a custom-fitted mouth guard will provide optimum protection for your child's beautiful smile whether they're on the field, out having fun or on the rink!

Do insurance plans cover the expense of a mouth guard for my child?

Some insurance plans may cover part or all of the expense of a child's custom-fitted sports guard. For more detail, contact your insurance provider.

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