Sedation For Children – What You Should Know

Sedation For Children – What You Should Know

Does your child feel nervous or afraid when it comes to visiting the dentist? With dental sedation, the dentists and team at Hall Dental in Lethbridge can help children get the dental care they need without fear.

Why might my child need sedation dentistry?

Many kids just don’t feel comfortable about visiting the dentist. This could be the result of negative past experiences, fear of the unfamiliar sights, smells and sounds, a phobia of needles or perhaps a fear of the drill.

Some feel uncomfortable with what feels like an invasion of personal space when the dentist examines the insides of their mouths, and others have disabilities that make dental treatment without sedation difficult or even impossible.

These are just some of the more common reasons that certain children can benefit from dental sedation.

What types of sedation can be used for kids?

The same types of sedation can be used for children that are used for adults: oral sedation, IV sedation, or anaesthesia. 

We will discuss all the options with you well before the procedure, and together we will settle on the best one for your child’s unique needs.

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