Recovering From Your Dental Sedation Appointment

Recovering From Your Dental Sedation Appointment

After your dental sedation appointment has concluded, there are some steps you and your dental team must take to ensure your safety and healthy recovery. Learn what to expect below.

What happens after a dental sedation procedure depends in large part on the type of dental procedure you have undergone.

You may be prescribed pain medication to take for some days after your appointment, or there may be certain foods that you won’t be able to eat for a while.

If you have had surgery, your dentist will give you detailed post-operative instructions for the days and weeks following your appointment, which you should follow carefully.

However, when it comes to sedation in particular, there are a few specific guidelines for after your appointment.

Post Dental Anaesthesia Care Instructions

During a sedation dentistry procedure, you have received medicines that can alter your perception, memory and coordination. Full recovery from the effects of sedation typically takes places with a day (24 hours) of a procedure. During that time, please follow these instructions for an uneventful recovery.

1. Go home and rest.

Going straight home and resting is the most important thing you can do to recover well from a dental sedation appointment.

If you live alone, we recommend you have someone stay with you for a minimum of 3 hours after you leave our office.

2. Avoid driving

For at least 12 hours after your appointment, you must not drive, or operate heavy machinery. Have a friend or family member drive you to, and then pick you up from, your appointment.

3. Also avoid:

making any important decisions or signing important documents

consuming alcohol


any unaccompanied activity

4. Take your time

Take your time when moving, and use assistance as much as you can. When moving from lying down to sitting, and from sitting to standing, move very slowly. If you experience any dizziness, lie back down and rest. Be sure to have someone assist you when climbing stairs.

5. Take your medications

You can resume taking any prescribed medication once you are back to drinking fluids. Also be sure to take any prescriptions from your procedure as prescribed as well.

6. Eating and drinking

After your appointment, you may consume liquids as soon as you like. Start with frequent but small quantities of clear liquids, like water and juice. Avoid dairy at first. Progress from liquids to soups to solid food slowly to prevent nausea and possible vomiting.

As mentioned, your dentist will provide you with detailed post-procedure instructions in advance of your appointment. Please contact or book a follow-up appointment with our Lethbridge office for more details. Request Appointment

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