Sugar Free Christmas Countdown: Ideas for Advent

Sugar Free Christmas Countdown: Ideas for Advent

One fun and traditional way to build up a little anticipation for Christmas is an advent calendar. But the treats inside don’t have to be chocolate. Here are a few sugar-free advent ideas for your family from our Lethbridge dentists!

Holiday Activities

Devise some fun holiday activities that you can do as a family. Some good ideas include watching a Christmas movie, going skating, building a snowman, or going on a walk to look at the neighbourhood lights. Write each activity down on a slip of paper and tuck the notes into each day of your calendar.

Dollar Store Toys

The dollar store is a great resource for small toys and games that can be added to an advent calendar, instead of candy. A box of crayons, craft supplies, barrettes, stickers, bouncy balls, little toy cars or Christmas ornaments are just a few fun ideas.

Holiday Stories

Visit a second-hand book shop or your local library, and pick up 24 holiday-themed books. You could also get creative with this option, and write a few stories and poems of your own. Wrap each carefully in paper, and assign a date to each one. Then have your child find the book of the day every evening before bed for a festive and memorable bedtime story experience.

Christmas Crafts

Add the materials necessary for a fun but simple holiday craft to each date in your advent calendar. Pipe cleaner candy canes, beaded ornaments, or paper bag Christmas puppets are simple options, or pick up those clear plastic Christmas baubles and fill them up with glitter and beads for a pretty ornament. Have fun with it!

Colour-In Christmas Tree

On a large sheet of paper, draw out a Christmas tree with 24 ornaments on it, big enough for your kids to colour in. It doesn’t have to be fancy or perfect… it’s the thought that counts! Number each ornament, and then every day, have your child colour in and decorate the ornament of the day. On Christmas Eve, you’ll have a fully decorated tree!

There are plenty of ways to participate in advent fun without including candy and sugary treats. Have fun with the ideas above, and Happy Holidays from the dentists and team at Hall Dental in Lethbridge!

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