Bone Grafting in Lethbridge

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure we offer to our Lethbridge patients. During bone graft surgery, bone material is added to the jawbone. This is done to augment the depth or width of existing bone, or to add additional support, usually in preparation of a dental implant.

At Hall Dental Centre, we perform both major and minor grafting procedures.

Why might I require bone grafting?

There are two main reasons that you may need a bone graft.

1. It may be required because you require additional support for your teeth. If you have insufficient bone to support your teeth, they may eventually fall out. A bone graft and subsequent gum therapy can correct the problem in order to help you to retain your natural teeth.

2. A bone graft may be necessary is to support a planned dental implant. For an implant to be placed successfully, the patient needs to have sufficient bone to provide proper support for it. If you lack the necessary amount of bone, a bone graft can be performed to add supplementary bone.

What types of material are used in bone grafting?

The most effective and predictable bone grafting material is your own bone, sourced from elsewhere in your body, followed by donated bone, animal bone, and finally, synthetic bone.

Is bone grafting safe?

Yes. Bone grafting is extremely safe. Though there is always a very slight risk of infection with any surgical procedure, at Hall Dental, your safety is our first priority and you can rest assured we will take every precaution to make sure your procedure is completed successfully.

Major Bone Grafts in Lethbridge

A major bone graft is when a large area of your jaw needs to be augmented, often in preparation for the placement of many implants.

During this procedure we remove bone from a donor site in your own body like the hip or the shin. After the bone has been harvested it is usually attached to your jawbone with small titanium screws.

This kind of bone grafting is completed before any implants may be placed and is performed under sedation or anesthesia.

Although healing time varies, the implants are typically placed six to nine months after the grafting procedure to ensure full bone integration.

Minor Bone Grafts in Lethbridge

A minor bone graft is a procedure in which the area of bone requires only a slight augmentation like replacing a single tooth.

What steps will I need to take after my bone grafting procedure?

Like all surgeries, there is follow-up care. Your Hall Dental team will develop a post-surgical checklist of things to do to ensure that you heal quickly and avoid contracting any type of infection.

Following your post-surgical treatment plan will be key to your recovery.

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